Having trouble with my 1Tb wd external harddrive

when i first bought my 1tb external hard drive i remember i hooking it up and uploading thousands of photos and videos off my computer than checking to see if they were actually transfered upon confirming this i deleted it all from my computer. Abt a year later, today i did it again this time after transfering all the photos i attempted to confirm they were in the external hard drive and only a few pictures showed up when there should have been 10s of thousands of pictures and videos so i closed it out and attempted to reopen it thinking somthing wrong happend when it opened it than it froze i had to restart my computer and then the hard drive wasnt showing up after unplugging it and plugging it in multiple times trying to get the menu that asks wether you would like to import the pictures, view them, upload them with somthing else to pop it never does but in the devices it shows its there but when i try to access it from the devices it just shows the specs of the harddrive now im afraid ive lost all my photos.

Hi, sorry to hear that you cannot access your files, it is possible that some of your files are corrupted, with the help of a data recovery program you should be able to recover most of your files, using Google you can find several options. To verify if the hard drive has any hardware problems you can also run a test with DLG. 

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows 

Also check if the following link helps.