Having trouble just copying from thumb drive to hub and copying files from PC via LAN to hub

I have found reference to the copying and moving files in the manual but the instructions are not clear and there are steps omitted.  I can find no such menu or any selection for moving or copying any files to or from the HUB as mentioned in the manual.  Can somene please fill in the missing steps in the manual to do this. It can’t be more than three steps but I can’t find any way to get to any menu that allows copying and moving.

Also, I am sure that copying files to the hub is a basic feature but again, this sems to be a challenge as well.  Can’t the hub be mapped as a network drive using WD discovery tool?  I have not gotten that to work eiither, I keep getting an error that the the hub is not found at the address specified but according to myt router it is.  Maybe there is an easier way to do this outside of the WD Discovery tool mentioned in the manual.

For now, I’ll settle for just being able to move files from the USB device to the hub if someone can at least tell me hwo to do this.


There are no steps omitted…  It works exactly as described on pages 38-40…

I’ve never needed the Discovery tool to map the drive.   Never even had a need to install it.

All you should have to do is (if you’re Win 7 or Vista)

is click START, and in the box, type “\[name of your hub” such as “\wdtvlivehub”  and a window will pop up showing the Hub’s internal drive and any attached USB devices.


Thanks for such a quick response.  I don’t agree with you at all–the instructions for copying moving are NOT clear and they were not captured in the manual.

I figured it out myself and posting here for all to see:  Every step below is OMITTED in the manual!

First select the HOME button on the remote, then select FILES on the menu screen 

Select source of file such as local storage/internal or attached USB device 

If you just attached the USB source to the hub, the UISB device will have to be scanned before it is listed

Once the source is shown then select it with the remote and select OK on the remote

Dpending on the format of the USB device it may be necessary to press OK again to display files on the drive

At this point either select the file to be copied or moved or if multiple files are to be copied or moved, select the OPTIONS button on the remote. Select either move copy or multiple files (if many files are to be copied or moved).

If move or copy is selected, choose the location of the copy or move which will be presented on the menu. 

Once selected the copy or move process will begin.  If multiple file are to be selected, choose each on with the OK button on the remote then with the arrow keys on the remote continue to select additional files until all files are selected then continue pressing the UP arrow on the remote to move the selection to CONTINUE on the screen, which will begin to move or copy all files selected to the destination device selected.

At the conclusion of the copy/move process select the EJECT button on the remote to allow safe removal of the USB device if the device is to be detatched. 


I,m not sure what manual you are reading but the current one on the WD site does NOT contain these steps and leaves one in the dark to fumble along by one’s self whicih I don’t find acceptable or necessary. 

jkb242 wrote:

I,m not sure what manual you are reading but the current one on the WD site does NOT contain these steps and leaves one in the dark to fumble along by one’s self whicih I don’t find acceptable or necessary. 

ALL of that is covered in the manual on the WD Site.

But since you obviously didn’t read it:  here it is, complete with page references (and shortened for brevity’s sake… the manual is much more detailed.)

Page 36

    Navigate to the Home / Video menu then press OK.

Page 37

    Locate the Video File.

Page 38

    In the main Videos screen, press OPTIONS.  The Video Menu options display.

Page 40

    Press ^ / v  and select MOVE or COPY then press OK.

    Select a storage destination then press OK.

    Use the navigation buttons to select the location … yada yada … and press OK.

    Select the green checkmark and press OK/


Why are YOU not seeing that?

I referring to the manual dated 5/2011.

I think you have to agree that the layout is vague  in terms of finding a description to  perform the proceedure I originally reported I was unable to find in the manual.  You are obviously quite experienced with the product but it might be helpful to remember that your customers are not and therefore depending on clearly organized references to certain procedures of which this is not even close. 

Thanks again for your prompt attention to this concern,  whcih is indeed is valued in termns of customer support but I feel that the points I raised are valid and given the ambiguity and fragmented wording which I feel does not follow any logical flow where the paragraph headings simply don’t relate to the procedure I needed.

Thanks again, and I do appreciate your input and I do suggest that the text I provided is much more clear, concise and accurate. 

  it might be helpful to remember that your customers are not 

I don’t have customers.   I’m a user just like you.