Having trouble finding my backed up files on portable drive "My Password Elite"

I installed the external portable drive “My Passport Elite” onto a computer operating on WindowsXP in Dec 2012, so this is an older drive. I now want to transfer those files onto a computer using Windows10. I no longer have any instructions. I’ve been looking for the actual files backed up but not sure where they are. Could someone please tell me the file path to find my actual backed up data? It’s possible I already offloaded them but I can’t tell. The current used space is 35.8GB out of a total capacity of 465GB. I realize some of the “used” space is the operational files that are pre-loaded at the factory, does anyone know the amount of bytes the pre-loaded occupies? Also, does anyone know if this drive was made to be password encrypted?

Hi tech_newbie,

How did you created the backup from your computer on the drive (manually or using WD Software)?

As it is an old drive and we don’t have the information regarding the Preloaded data and the software, so we would not be able to provide you with such information.

that was so long ago i’m not sure how I created the backup. if there are just two different ways, could you possible tell me both ways to “get in”? I understand that you no longer have the data, but does 35.8GB seem like a reasonable number for the preloaded operational software? or does that number seem a little high?

Hi tech_newbie,

If you have transferred the data manually (drag and drop) to the drive then you just need to go to the drive and try to locate the particular folder in which you have transferred the data.

If you have created the backup using Windows Backup, then there might be an folder with the name of backup which would be having all of the backup files. And 35.8 GB does not seem like a reasonable number for preloaded operational software there might be some hidden data present in the drive