Having to turn mbl duo off

I’m having a problem with my Mybooklive duo, which until now has always been extremely reliable. Basically, it’s becoming detached from my network. If I turn it off and then on again, it manages to connect straight away, but after an hour or so, I lose it from the network. When I create a map of my home network, it shows, but when I click on the shortcuts or the device icons on the map, or type in the IP address etc, it simply says the device cannot be found or is unavailable.

Is it worth me doing a soft reset, and how do I go about this (I can’t find the instructions anywhere!)

Thanks in advance and sorry if similar issues have been posted on here before.


To do a soft reset just press the reset button on the back of the My Book for 4 seconds. If the problem continues, try setting a static IP. 

How to configure a My Book Live or My Book Live Duo NAS drive with a Static IP 

I’ve had something similar happening to me. If I power mine off, I can then see it, log in, do anything to it, and download from it with the mobile app. BUT after an hour or less I can  no longer access the drive via the network.  It says the network path is not found and the remote device won’t accept the connection.

Strangely enough, I can still access the drive through the ‘share’ under ‘This PC’. I can play files. I dont’ think it will let me copy or write to it though. As I said though, I can’t use the mobile apps to access the drive. They all say, “Unable to access device.”

Did you figure anything out that fixed this issue? Did the Static IP work? I’d really like to not have to keep restarting anytime I want to get a movie onto my ipad or phone.

Thanks in advance for any help from you or anyone else.