Having problems with getting my music into the media library

For a long time I’ve had my films in my media library.

However, up until now all of my music (kept on the same My Book Live NAs as some of the films) has not been on the media library, and I just access it by folders.

The reason for this is that I have several thousand tracks, and over a thousand albums by around 500 artists, and I figured it’d take forever for the SMP to scan them into the library.

Anyway, yesterday evening I decided I’d add the Music folder into the Media LIbrary, so I set it going, and sure enough the light flashed on and off and the 'Compiling Media Library) notice came up.

I settled down to a long evening watching TV, but the library was still compiling when I went to bed.

This morning the light had stoped flashing, so I checked the music, using media library as the source.

‘No content in this folder’.

What am I doing wrong?  Educated gusses welcome.

BTW, the films are all there in the media library - no problem.

Steve W

Have you shut down the SMP completely (Hold down power button for >5 seconds) since the Media Library finished compiling?

No, I’ve not done that - I’ve never had to before.

I’ll give it a go when I get home.

Steve W

Tried that, doesn’t work.

I tried something else, with confusing results.

I have my music sorted by one folder per artist, then one sub-folder for each album.  All of the artists’ folder are in the NAS’s ‘Shared Music’ folder, which is what I’ve assigned to the library.

I added the ‘Abba’ folder to my medua library, and that works fine, showing all the albums in it.

But having tried again I can’t get the whole lot on, and at 400+ artist folder I’m not going to add them all individually.

I’m thinking maybe there’s just too much music for the player to handle.

Altogether ‘Properties’ shows there are just over 26,000 files (tracks) and 2,300+ folders, so minus the 400 artist folders, that’s almost 2,000 albums.

Steve W