Having Problem With My Book Essential 1TB USB 2.0

I’m having problem when I try to watch movie and listen to my music when I put these files into My Book Essential,it’s happen when I try to forward these movie and song but it will stop for a while liked it try to ‘buffering’ but these files already been download,it never happen before and it’s look ok when these movie or music is not in My Book Essential.The other problem is,it make my computer very slow in term of open file or serving internet or what laymen say it’s ‘hang’ after I unlock My Book Essential.The last problem is,the Diagnostic is not working only Quick Smart Status is working but when I press Quick Drive Test and Complete Drive Test,it show Failed.By the way I just format the hard drive but these problem still occur.Can you help me solve these problem please.Thank You.

The test shows the drive failed

you need to replace the drive

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