Having Issue With 2 Channel MKV Files

Hey guys I am new here, and I do not know if anyone else has this issue.  My set up up is as follows:  WDTV Live Plus with external 2TB Hdd Connected through hdmi cable to my Pioneer Elite VSX-21TXH receiver, then out to my Samsung LCD Tv.  My issue is this:  When WD TV LIVE loads up and I see all my thumbnails, if i choose an MKV file that only has 2 ch audio this file will play fine.  Now if I were to go back to thumbnails choose a digital movie with 5.1 audio that will play fine as well, now heres where my problem begins, if i go back to the thumbnails and choose that same 2 ch. movie or another there will be no audio.  My WDTV Live is set to digital audio, switching it to stereo does nothing…now i just noticed that if i change the input on the receiver while the no audio 2ch file is playing and go back the audio comes in, and i notice a light on the receiver that says PCM.  But if I redo the previous and get no audio there is as well no PCM light.  I know it is just some setting on the AV receiver thats all bc I know the files work.  I dont know Im not even sure this should go here but if anyone has any advice to lend the new guy lol its much appreciated. thanks

Welcome to the forums.

Let me understand this – you can play all your files fine but if you play a 5.1 file and then follow it up with a 2.0 file you then lose sound?

It’s a long shot, but it *might* be a handshaking issue.  For sure I’d try setting the Live to a specific resolution (in the audio/video setup for HDMI) instead of letting it default to “auto”.  If that doesn’t fix things I’d try a reset ot he unit and then perhaps think about returning the unit for another one (because it might very well be a problem with the Live).

(A workaround would be, if your receiver supported it, to try using optical connections for sound – but you shouldn’t have to do this).