Having full access to PC with WD TV live


I have LAN installed in my home, while LCD TV and PC are in the deferent room.

I see that WD TV live is great product, however I wonder if this box able to do following

  1. Connecting  keyboard & mouse to usb interface in WD TV live as input device for PC

  2. output of PC screen delivered to LDC TV by WD TV live.

( sure that WD TV live connected to LAN)

the goal that I want to achieved is I want to play PC game (in full HD res) using LCD TV.  so keyboard and mouse are conected to WD TV live while output of PC displayed on LCD TV.

could you pls advice if those scenarios are possible? if not, do you have solution?



1>  No, that’s not possible.  The WDTV Live is NOT an Input Device to a PC.   You CAN hook up a Keyboard to the WDTV Live (using the beta firmware) or Live+, but it’s only controlling its own Menus, not the PC.

2>  No, that’s not possible either.  

You’re going to be better off hooking your PC directly to your TV.

thanks tony for your response…

I hope that WDC aware about this and use it as opporunity to expand the capability of WD TV live.

I think a lot of people what to have smart solution on this as they have PC and home teathre system in separate room. playing game in bigger screen is gamers dreams…

Can you advice is there any box in this planet that able to do it??


Just connect the PC to your TV (using HDMI).  No need for anything fancier than that.

Depending on where your PC is in your home, you could even use a blu-tooth keyboard and mouse to control it in another room (running the HDMI cabling – while specs do not advise against more than 3 meters or so, I’ve had great luck with runs of more than 50 feet).  It’s the cleanest possible way to see your PC stuff on the big screen.