Having Difficulty Understanding Themes, Templates and Film Sheets

Ok, I am a new user, just got the box today and what it has on it is Mojo as a theme.

I downloaded the latest version of ThumbGen, and set the options as guided:

MovieInfoExport to xml WDTV LiveHUB

MainMovieSheet is jpg

ExtraThumbnail jpg

Anyway, running the app I had no issue, was able to create what seems to be right. Looks excellent in ThumbGen anyway. The template im using is called “default_thumbgen_template” …its the only one in the drop down so I used it.


Zombieland.jpg - covert art

wd_tv.jpg - No Idea

Zombieland.mp4.tgmd - No Idea


Zombieland_sheet.jpg - Movie Sheet

Ok so those are the files output by ThumbGen. The film is contained within its own folder also called “Zombieland” and all the files are in this folder with the film.

Anyway when I go into the HUB and browse my films I do see the thumbnail of the cover art in the section where you scroll films. Above in the film specific section I see no thumbnail however (to the left of the text), the text has no background images and doesnt seem to display correctly.

Im assuming this is a template, theme, setting issue and was wondering if someone could tell me the best solution to achieve my ends from here.

Basically I like the MovieSheet type layout, and id like to have that sort of image displayed above the film when im scrolling my films so its easy to see the info. That and the movie thumbnail and im happy.

I googled as best I could and followed various instructions on here, but im not really making progress and im not sure which thing it is im doing wrong here?

Thanks for any help.

Mojo don’t support moviesheets.

Try joey’s theme or my themes or extremedigital’s themes

Ahh ok that explains something then.

Which of your themes do you recommend which suits my needs? Also im guessing ill need to do something else, use a special template, rename files? I read about “dummy files” but to be honest I didnt really get it, im pretty green with this box.

IM pretty shocked WD didnt design this kind of thing into it really.

Ok I found one I think I like, the Anodized theme with custom movie sheets…you see to have put some decent info on the how to do side of things so I guess Ill give it a short on that theme and see how I go…


True, Mojo doesn’t support moviesheets, but it should show the the larger coverart next to your metadata text.  And I’m not sure why your text has no background images or doesn’t display correctly.

I can’t duplicate this problems.  However, there are several things that it could be; there could be something wrong with the metadata xml, you could have a bad download or I have seen this case, you unzipped the file directly to the HUB.

With Coverboxes done, MOJO will look like the screenshoots HERE.  Although, slightly different since the update.

Hmmmm its certain be something im doing wrong, i have just kind of been stumbling around.

Do I need to use a special template in ThumbGen? Im thinking the background I discovered is because the WD HUB Doesnt support local images?

My HUB isnt connected to the web and if at all possible I dont really want it to be.

Are you saying MOJO should show me a movie backdrop behind the text from a local file, or does it have to be internet based? I find it pretty bizarre them making a box with 1 Terra hard drive and then not allowing it to take backdrops from the disk :slight_smile:

Really im just looking for the simplest method to have a cover image of the film, and above the ratings, blurb and a background image. Some of the methods ive seen so far are probably too much work on a per film basis for me…I have a LOT of movies to rip and shift!

Maybe im over complicating here?

No, Mojo uses the rotating backdrops gather from the web, so you need a network connection. But it should still show the larger Cover Art next to the text.

If that is your setup though, you will want to use a moviesheets theme, which does take a little more knowledge to do.

And although I, of course, am biased towards my theme, which ever type of theme you decide on you will want to get an internet connection for the HUB eventually to get the most out of it.

Also, yes, just about all of us here are a little fustrated that they didn’t allow for displaying images from local storage.

Ok, thanks.

I was going to give the ExtremeMix 2.5 download a try, but the links arent working for that or for the Anozided ones, does anyone have a working link to the latest version of this and I will give it a try and see how it goes I guess.

Really, the web issue isnt a biggy for me, I dont use much of the live content really, its more for having all my films accessible on the TVs without running a media server setup with a trillion cables, also something the wife and daughter can easily navigate and use as well.

Anything web based ill probably still do through the PCs or Laptop, but I might stick a wireless USB on it at somepoint I just dont want to be tied to that for basic features like seeing the movie details and ratings. Those I can batch prepare when I load the films.

Well, your right, I don’t use the services much either.  But then again, it is nice to be able watch my TV shows via HULU when I want on the big screen.

Hi please use my ExtremeMix 3.0 TW can you update your List of Themes post


My suggestion is if in doubt try ALL of them, there are some amazing themes out there and Mojo is def one of the best ones, but then moviesheet support is only on my, firetix and Joey’s at the moment…

Any theme could be converted, however the more complex the theme the more nasty buggy side effects you would get as most themes are designed bottom up.

Personally the debate is out on wether to use moviesheets or not, of course i use moviesheets, BUT a theme like Tinwarble or Helll3ond are great as well so the choice is yours

Yes, if you are going the moviesheet way, extremedigital’s ExtremeMix 3.0 is the way to go, he has done a really amazing job.

By the way e.d., thanks, and yes I’ll update the Themes List.  If you could though, take a look at what’s already there and let me know if I need to change anything other than just the link.  I want to try to keep everything as current as possible.

You can just PM me with anything that I need to change and also let me know if you want me to add or change in pics.  But I will go ahead and change the links, now.

Thanks for the replies everyone, downloading now.

Some very good tutorials on howto with the themes so I should be ok. One thing thats still not clear, let me see if I understand. Using the “dummy file” method I need to actually enter the folder of the movie and select the dummy file in order to see the moviesheet?

Does the dummy file method also allow me to see like a popup view when scrolling the list of movies (in list view or the other view) with the info popping up as I go from one to the next without actually entering the folder and selecting the dummy file?

Sorry not clear on whether the dummy file method is only for moviesheets by actually selecting the dummy file…and if so is there a guide on the other method, how to set the files-folders up.

Just want to make sure im choosing the right method for me.


OK learning something new each time…I believe what I am looking for is called “covertrickle” ??

Meaning I scroll through my movie covers and above them pops up a datesheet type thing with the synopsis and rating and etc depending the template?

These might seem silly questions, but not knowing any of the names its hard to know what I method to use. Do I need the data sheet themes to have this trickle effect and does trickle require the dummy files as well?

I downloaded the ExtremeMix 3.0, will this do both trickle AND datsheets or is this the same thing just in different views/terms. I saw the you tube trickling video and that seems to be the kind of effect im looking for, but now I dont know how that relates to the datesheet and dummy file stuff I was reading before.

**bleep** this is confusing!! Thanks for the help people, sorry to ask so many questions but between trying to find out what I want, what I need and then the method, its kind of complicated to get going!

Thanks TW, this is a mutual appreciation forum where all the themers appreciate each others work…

In fact i would go as far as to say i have all of you guys up to date themes on my Hub, and switch to use other themes on a regular basis…

Thats what the community is all about.

PS please could you add my Wide Sheet ExtremeMix 3.0 as well


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