Having a nightmare setting up MBL on my MAC - Pls Help

So I’ve just bought a 2TB MBL and was very excited as I went about installing it. The installation seemed to run smoothly and the drive was picked up fine and displayed in Finder.

When I clicked on MBL in finder I received the following error message:

“Something wrong with the volume’s CNID DB, using temporary CNID DB instead. Check server messages for details. Switching to read-only mode.”

As a result of this I couldn’t copy any files to the drive so I did a google and found some threads on this forum that referred to the same issue. Following some guidance from here I opened Terminal and ran an instruction, and since then I can’t even connect to MBL.

I can still see the drive in Finder but with a status of ‘Connection Failed’. When I click on ‘Connect As’ I receive a windonw saying “The server MBL may not exist or is unavailable at this time…”

I’d really appreciate it if someone can offer some guidance! Thanks in advance… :smiley:

Doing a little research I found that the issue with the CNID is fixed by updating the MBL to its latest firmware, then performing a Reset to Factory Defaults.

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You saved me – I spent hours tweaking the daemons in the server, and although I had upgraded the firmware, it was the Quick Factory Reset that I missed previously.

Thanks! I gave you kudos, and posted the solution in another thread.