Having a nightmare experience

My imac died unexpectedly and the local mac shop was supposed to have recoverd my data and placed in on a WD Elements external drive. Only when I plug in into the computer I get nothing. Ir shows and external data sources is plugged in in the lower right corner and I need to eject it but I am getting nowhere. I have tried 3 udb ports. Have uninstalled and reinstalled drivers and and just t horoughly disgusted at this point. Any help would be appreciated. I have used external drives before but have never had this much trouble.

Check on your desktop and look for the drive name listed.

If it mounted, it will be available to browse on the files.

If not seen on the desktop you can check on Disk Utility.

How to access Disk Utility on a Mac computer


That did not help me one bit. I am trying to access it on a windows pc, I have had no luck with windows 7 or windows 8.1 on 2 different computers.