Having a NEW folder that lists recent uploads to media player

Is something like this possible?? It sure would be great just to browse the new folder to see all the latest uploads from the last 3 weeks or so

I know this is not the answer you are looking for, but I use a directory called “New Movies” amongst my genre folders. Movies I have not seen I dump into there first. After I watch them I move them into the appropriate genre (action, comedy etc). I do the same for audio.

Sure it’s manual but it works very well for me.


If I understand you correctly in any view push down on the remote and it will bring up a shadow pain that will give you media that can be sorted by newest latest viewd and etc

cool, thanks for your replies… im not sure if its a black mamba thing or what but when i push down on the remote in any view it just cycles through my movies.

I think I will do what pearl suggested, just create a new media folder and put everything in there. It would simplify my upload strategy as well, since im on a wireless connection its brutul slow uploading anything to the media player, so i plan to load everything to a 32gb thumb drive and then plug it into the WDTV and copy it all over to the media player

Hello sword7,

Have you tried sorting your movies by date. This is something I do all the time. All you have to do is press the Green button then select Sorting and then select Date just make sure the arrow is pointing down.

The most recently added movies will be displayed first.


also one of your colored buttons brings this payne up also