Have to restart WD TV Live each time

I have had my WD Tv Live for a few months and when I first got it everything was working pretty well for the most part. It does play almost all of my files via my network really well. However, now it seems that when I go to watch a show, via a NAS and it’s all connect via wire, it just sits and spins. The screen just shows the yellow arrow going around and around. 

I unplug it and then it will play the same file just fine. I would really like to get back to the point where it just plays the file like it’s supposed to without having to disconnect the power cord each time.  

Any suggestions?



Is your NAS “awake?”

Mine will do this, too, if the NAS is sleeping when I start something.

But it will begin playback as soon as the NAS is awake, which sometimes can take 15-20 seconds.