Have to redownload my WD Book 2TB after having a virus on my computer and need help!

I had to completely wipe out all files on my computer but had information saved on my external WD book.  When I click on the WD smartware cd image that is listed under “My computer” to run it I’m not sure what to click on b/c I can’t afford to loose the information on my book. . . mainly my whole Itunes account.  Does anyone know what I need to do so I’m sure not to overwrite or lose what is on my book?  I have it unlocked and it looks like it’s backed up but not sure whether I’m supposed to choose one of these options to retrieve my files: “In the original places” (where it says return all restored content in the original location on my computer OR “In a retrieved content folder” (put all retrieved content into an single folder)???  Hope someone can help me!

Thanks for your time!


If you wiped all your data and reinstalled Windows, then use the option:

“In a retrieved content folder”

This will put your data in a folder and you can accessed and put it in the location of your choice.

Remember that restoring the data of a backup will not erase it from the external drive

You won’t be able to retrieve to the original location, do as Cuernudo says.