Have To Reboot PC Everytime I want to use WDTV LIVE +

I just bought a WDTV Live Plus 2 days ago. Got it all hooked  up, but it seems that everytime I want to watch a video (streamed via ethernet cable to linksys wrt54gs (running dd-wrt) to my Vista pc that I have to reboot my computer, then turn on the wdtv otherwise I will just get the spinning wheel for a min or so, then a black screen. Ive tried the reset on the side, a restore factory defaults, and unplugging for 10 mins, but the only thing that seems to work is rebooting the computer. It has the latest f/w on it.


Hmmmm.   Haven’t heard that one before.   Are you using Network Shares or a Media Server? 

Are you able to at least browse the listings, or does it hang no matter what?   Do you have another PC to test against?

Network Shares, Ya I can see everything, the list of vids from both drives, but as soon as I select one I either just get the spinning circle, or sometimes I will get a paused image of the vid, the timer bar at the bottom, then thats it. I will through a couple things on my netbook and share a folder and see how that goes.

There’s been quite a few discussions of late that certain format videos will cause this behavior, like trying to play an unsupported file in an MKV container will then cause all OTHER files to start to hang.

RESET your WDTV by unplugging it for a while, then try a totally DIFFERENT file.

When you do this test, do not use the PREVIEW mode, because even previewing an affected file can cause the problem.

Read HERE for more information on this subject.