Have to reboot before every movie

I’m on the latest firmware.  All my movie files are on my 3TB WD MyBook connected via USB directly to the Live Hub.  After I watch a movie I’ll select another one and will get the non-ending orange circling arrow.  It doesn’t matter which movie I try it always happens until I exit back.  The only way to play another movie is to unplug the Live Hub for 10 seconds, reboot it and then the movie plays perfectly fine. 

Movies on the Live Hub drive don’t have this problem and neither do those on my network drive connected via ethernet cable.  It’s only with the MyBook.  I would think something was wrong with the MyBook drive BUT rebooting the Live Hub solves the problem.

I’ve tried changing which USB port the MyBook is plugged into and it doesn’t make a difference.

I would run a diagnostic to your My Book drive to make sure that is free of defects.  You may also update your Hub to its latest firmware, and reset it by its reset button.

Hi , i have a same problem and i use 2 differents models of Nas DLINK DNS-323 and Qnap server i think the problem is firmware of wdtv live hub.

I also have the DNS-323. I have found problems when flipping between firmware versions on the hub. When updating and especially reverting back to older firmware I always do a reset. This is part of the puzzle. What happens is the hub goes back to the default Workgroup name. Check your DNS-323 and the Qnap  for their workgroup and make sure it matches the hub’s workgroup.

I’ve found mis-matching workgroups between the hub and other devices on the network causes issues.

Also as a general comment to the OP, when troubleshooting local storage, sometimes it helps to disconnect the Ethernet connection. The hub may attempt to re-read both local storage and local network devices. Removing network connections may help isolate the issue. I understand the network is OK for you but again, it never hurts to isolate.

Thanks for your reply ,my workgroup is same at all and i downgrade my wdtv live hub with firmware 3.0.28 with this link: http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5860/    and until now  the live hub work fine, i will wait the next firmware.


Hopefully new firmware will be released soon. I’m at 2.07.17 myself due to other issues. The one important thing I learned about rolling back is always do a reset. Otherwise the hub becomes more unstable (than ususal). Forward never seems to be an issue other than picking up the qurks of the new version. Sigh.