Have to re-enter password at evey use!

I have a WD TV Live Plus that works great except I have to disconnect the power, reconnect and enter my network password almost every time I turn it back on to use it. I have the latest firmware update and I’m using WPA2.  Why doesn’t it retain the connection??

I have not touched my WD TV Live Plus in a while but as far as I can remember it will keep the information from the first time you use the credentials to log in

try resetting , enter the info and see how it goes

I forgot to mention that I’ve reset the machine a few times.  That was the only way I could get connected again and it’s a royal pain when you’re all set to watch a movie on Netflix and have to reset the player before you can. Most of the time I don’t have to reset but I do have to have it find the network again almost every time I turn it on.