Have to move all SmartWare backed-up data from one MBL to another MBL


WD sent me a new MBL to replace the one that I was unable to update (firmware).

Before sending back the old disk, I want to make sure that all the data is moved from the old disk to the new MBL.

I have no problem doing it with the custom shares, but how can I move the data backedup with SmartWare during the years ?

These are all the backups for 4 home PCs, and it is quite important to keep it.

Thanks for helping,


Nobody never had to move its SmartWare backups from one MBL to another one ? Is there something I should know ? Is it because nobody really uses SmartWare ?

if you have both MBLs there and working, you could try setting up a safepoint from the old one to the new one, to copy all the info over.

Alternately, you could just bo to \mybooklive\smartware from the search finder, and copy the folders over.

Smartware is software on your computer, so you won’t need to reinstall any of that.  Just make sure the MBL is named the same and in the same workgroup as your last one.

Thanks. I better understand now.