Have to login each time I reset my computer

Hello, I have a little problem with the 3tb mybook live and windows 7 64-bit.  Everytime I reset my computer, The drive dissappears from the list of local drives and the network location becomes inaccessible until I open chrome, navigate to the mybook live login site, put in my credentials, and then click on open in explorer. I have a small home network with two desktop computers and the mybook live connected to my router.  Once I connect, the other problem is that explorer reports that I have 55gb of 238gb free.  This cannot be the case, since I have access to the full 3tb.

I have tried mapping it as a network drive and I cannot seem to do that.

How can I circumvent this tedious login process?  Thanks.

First question:   Why are you logging in via the remote connection if you’re at home?  Just use an ordinary network share.

All the other issues you report are a consequence of using the Remote login site.

Thanks for the reply.  I see the mycloud drive as a computer and as storage on my network in explorer, how ever I am unable to access it.  I just get the “windows cannot access \MYCLOUD” when I try to acces it, or if I try to access it as storage, it just opens a browser window to login and I have to go through the same steps mentioned before to gain access.

I have also tried mapping it as a network drive, but it never accepts my credentials.  What do I need to do so It just shows up as storage on my network?