Have some queries about my newly received My Passport Ultra

Hi, I received the My Passpot Ultra 2 TB hard drive today which I ordered earlier. But I have some queries. It came with some softwares, SES driver, SmartWare etc, now do I need to istall them? I don’t like to install unncessary softwares.

Also I am noticing USB 3.0 transfer rate is very slow, just 50-52 MB/sec, why is that? While on my Sony external drive the transfer rate is around 85-90 MB/sec.

Thanks in advance.


You do not nees to install the Smartware if you doin’t intend to use it. I think you need the SES driver. I also would avoid the firmware updates if the drive is working without problems. I think the speed might be in the normal range for USB 3.0 



Thanks. I have not installed them. And using Fastcopy USB 3.0 transfer rates are pretty good now, around 90-100 MB/sec.

Btw, what does that SES driver and SmartWare do?