Have i done my time machine backup in the right place?

Hi all

I’m running Moutain Lion, 10.8.2, and I recently bought a 2TB my book live to add to my system. I followed all the setup steps and got everything working fine, I have media in the ‘shared videos’ section which I can access through my blu-ray player (with ethernet connection), and through the cineXplayer app on my iPad. Great.

I’ve just done my first time machine backup to the drive over wi-fi, which took 2 days (for about 750GB). But I’m not totally sure I’ve put it in the right place! All I did was point time machine preferences to the drive and leave it to do its work.

The only thing I don’t understand is this - in my finder sidebar, under ‘shared’, I have both ‘mybooklive’ and ‘mybooklive-backup’. I’ve read other forum posts where people are not able to access their time machine backups on the mybooklive-backup drive (share? partition?), which is fine, but that’s not where my backup is, mine is just on ‘mybooklive’. Mine goes:

MyBookLive > TimeMachineBackup (it resides next to folder called Public (where my media is) and SmartWare).

So, have I pointed my time-machine at my main drive instead of the backup drive (share/partition/whatever)? Does this matter?

I seem to remember setting a partition when I did the initial install, where I believe I set 1.4TB to be allocated to time machine backups and the other 600GB as media storage etc. I’m looking at the WD dashboard but I can’t find a way to check on these settings and confirm that this is what I’ve done. Disk utility is no help here either. Is setting a partition the reason that mybooklive and mybooklive-backup appear in the finder sidebar as 2 separate things or is that always the case anyway?

Sorry for a longish post with various questions, I’m quite pleased with the drive, just want to make sure that I’m using it right!


…I should add this is my first time using a NAS so though I’m fairly au fait with stuff on my mac, this has all been new to me!