Have an old WDBACY5000ABK-01 and want to give to someone else, but deleted all the startup files

I transferred all of the old files onto a new Passport, then ran CC cleaner on the old one rather than format it.  During the transfer, I deleted all of the old WD Startup files so as not to get it confused with the new one. 

Now, the old one still asks for my original password when plugged in.  There aren’t any of the old startup files to enable changing the password.  There are no files on the old one at all. 

I don’t know which files to download on the support site here at WD to change the password.  There are updates and whatnot, but I would like to find out if anyone knows exactly what I need to download to make the passport like it was the day I bought it.

Thanks in advance.

Hello and welcome to the WD Community.

Please see the following link


You will be able to find all the application available for the passport.

Thank you for the link, ERmorel.  Would you be able to steer me to which option will re-install the password software?

Choices are:

WD Universal Firmware Updater For Windows

WD Quick Formatter For Windows

WD SES Driver

WD Smartware Update For Windows

WD Smartware User Manual (.pdf)   (-- Just listing that last one because it’s on the page, I already downloaded it and it didn’t shed much light as to what to do to restore the original software that came with the Passport.)

Appreciate your help and the warm welcome :slight_smile: