Have a couple question

Iv baught “My Book Essential” the 1TB recently and im struggling with this External. Iv had them before but never one from West Digital. First off im trying to save certain files into the hardrive it will not allow me to do so through the program. Is there any way of  manually copying and pasting certain files to the drive instead backing up stuff i do not need, like every single video file, audio files and random documents i dont need. Im trying to  back up over 15 gigs of Family videos and pictures but it will only allow me to backup in a massive scale, it chooses for me through the program. Theres the Music Folder, Video Folder, Music Folder, Document Folder ect. I cannot select individually what i want to save it just puts it all into either catigories.

On other hardrives iv had in the past i could simple drag whichever files i would like to save onto the Hardrive without this tedius and quite frankly odd program that backs up EVERYTHING on your computer harddrive to your External.

I do not need to save every single document onto my External, only things i wish to save for the future. Please if someone could help me, maybe i have the wrong External, i just need to know if i can manually save certain files without using that program.

My OP is Windows Xp sp3, 

You don’t need Smartware to BU.  You can cut and paste, drag and drop, etc.  Remove Smartware.  Delete any BU before removing the program.  You’ll have a hard time getting rid of the Smartware BU if you don’t.  Once Smartware is not running you can treat the WE external drive just like any other drive.