Have 2 MyNet 750 routers - want same ssid on both routers

Exactly what my subject line says. I want to be able to use both routers on the same SSID by connecting them with an ethernet cord. Is it possible? If so can and will someone help me in this issue, please? Thanks in advanced for any assistance.


Hello and welcome to the WD community.

It is possible to have the same SSID name on 2 different routers this should not have any type of conflict on the connections to either router.

Here is a link that might help you out with the setup of the routers:


Thanks for the reference. I have gone into those screens but the link you gave only referred to setting up only one router. Maybe I wasn’t clear, I would like to use the secondary router to expand my current range of the first router. Exactly like wireless range expander device. So just to clarify I want the secondary router to be exactly like a wireless range expander, but hardwired from the first router. Please anyone help me and thanks again.

I need the steps on how to do this. So in other words do I need to disable or enable a certain feature, be in static or dhcp mode, or have a certain IP address assigned. Thanks for any input again.

Anybody please I need help. Been sitting on this for some time now; hoping someone can assist in some way or form. Please help and thanks.