Hauwei Tablet

i have a Huawei tablet with an sd-card. on the sc-card i save my dosc (because not enough Memory on tablet). is there any possibiltiy to save this files to wd mycloud?

@waschminator Have you checked to see if the Mobile software will work on your device?


WD Software should work on any Android Tablet … and if it doesn’t, there are plenty of 3rd party Apps on the Google Play Store that will.

I’m using an old version of ES File Explorer (before it became riddled with Ads) … and it works fine transferring files from and to the WD My Cloud :slight_smile:

the mobile Software works on my device. but the mobile app ist just able to syncronize photos and Videos which is absolutely useless for me because i use my tablet not just for fun.
i´m Talking of syncronizing data on internal and external sd Card.

you are referring to which app from western digital? as mentioned above i am just able to synchronize photos and Videos which does not make sense for me.

@waschminator As far as I know cell phones and tablets will not do what you are wanting. Have you looked at files.mycloud.com using your tablet and a browser? I use the mobile app on my cell phone and tablet and I can view what I have placed in my share. I have my desktop and laptop backup to my My Cloud.

You may want to go back to the community and make a suggestion under My Cloud Ideas.

thanks…this is what i feared. i´m able t ohave a look on the fiels from my Android-tablet…but i also want to synchronize my files from Android-tablet to the personal Cloud…