Hauppauge WinTV HVR 950Q

Hello all -

I did try searching for hauppauge and didn’t see a thread directly related to the issue I am having. I hope I searched correctly. I just received the WinTV HVR 950Q kit (tuner, remote and portable antenna). I have the portable antenna extended and placed near a window. A scan finds 68 channels.

My issue is that when I go into the WinTV application, I can watch a channel no issue when I first come in but I cannot change channels. If I do, the stream is frozen and the only way to get it to work again is to go back to Home, unplug from and re-insert the tuner into the USB port. Same issue on either the front or back USB ports.

I am hesitant to think it’s the tuner because I tested on a Win7 machine with Hauppauge’s windows application and didn’t have any issues.

I have a gen3 WDTV Live unit at the latest firmware (updated it last week) and have also performed a factory reset to see if the issue goes away - It does not.

Could it really be a faulty tuner or am I missing something else?



It could be tuner. Is there any option to test that device on a different WDTV Live SMP.
Or it could be a faulty remote.

Same problem here. I got WD TV Live SMP and Hauppauge HVR 950Q last week from amazon.

I used with OTA and scanned more than 50 channels.

I can see Live TV only after hard power cycle, then I can’t change channel.

If I change channel, Live TV freeze and need to unplug/replug Hauppauge 950Q to see new channel.

(or full hard power cycle for WD TV box - not power ON/OFF by remote, disconnect/connect power adapter.)

If you want to watch Live TV using WD TV Live SMP and Hauppauge HVR 950Q, need to wait this problem solve.

Interesting that you have the same issue. Maybe a bad batch of tuners and/or an updated firmware that doesn’t play nice with the version of the app on the SMP. I gave up trying to get root cause and returned it to amazon.

Hope amazon didn’t repackage my return and ship it to you :slight_smile: