Hauppauge tv stick not recognized

Hi all 

I have purchased one of the WinTV Nova-T DVB-t usb2 sticks ( WinTV Ministick2) as stated on the list of compatable devices for the WD TV Live Streaming media player. When i put it in and boot up the device i goto the Hauppauge Win-TV app and it tells me to insert a compatable tv dongle. Anyone know why it isnt working?

I have got a Hauppauge dual DVB-T usb 2 stick that works but i think its too powerful for the device as the live image keeps stuttering.


As stated in the List of compatible devices for the WD TV Live Hub Media Center, WD TV Live Streaming Media Player and WD TV Media Player only the WINTV-NOVA-T-Stick (Model 70019), WINTV-NOVA-T-Stick (Model 70029) and WINTV-NOVA-TD-Stick (Model 52009) are compatible. Make sure yours is one of those.