Hauppauge App for WD Tv Live Missing?

So last night I did the firmware update finally and noticed that there is a Live TV function now so did some research and went out today and bought a  HVR-950Q. Got home and plugged it in and then went to the Live TV screen and noticed that there isn’t even an Hauppauge App there like I saw on a video, the only app there is for Slingbox and thats it. 

Anyone else in the US have this problem? If its not supported here then just going to take the tuner and get my money back since I have no use for it other wise.

are you using a theme, some theme’s will remove a menu item, which I expect might be the issue

try under the main menu item “Live TV”

might need to use the default Mochi theme

It is on the factory Mochi theme, just when I go to Live TV all I get is Slingbox and no other app tiles to choose from.

What is the model number of your player and what firmware is installed. You could also try a factory reset via the internal menu.

I have same problem after updating firmware to v1.12.14

No matter what combination of reboot, reset, factory defaults or power on/off I try, there is only ‘Slingbox’ in the app list.

How did you resolve this ?

I’ve e-mailed WD for advise, but nothing back yet from them.

Searching internet (Google) hasn’t helped…maybe I haven’t used correct key words…

…anybody succeed with this issue ??

tired_dad - Where are you located in the world?

I’m in Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

Also, I upgraded firmware last night to Jan24_2013 version…still no joy!

I upgrade firmware via USB stick as I do not have access to Cat5e or Wireless network.