Hats off WD! Best Customer Service EVER!

I live in NZ - a long way from Western Digital HQ!

But if there is such a thing as a WD ‘community’ I just experienced it!

My Hubs have been showing the orange circle which created frustration, because the devices are so good that the glitch had to be resolved. I love my WD hubs. They line up alongside my iPhone and Slingbox as being the most important media tools I own.

So a Private Message comes in from WD Customer Service thru this Forum and long story short is I now have a brand new hub to replace the old. At WD’s request, Fedex came and picked up and sent the old to Malaysia and the rest is now customer service history. It was all done with genuine care and professional attention to detail from the international phone call from WD trying to resolve the problem to delivery within days of my new Hub.

Simply, Western Digital now have a customer for life. I have NEVER experienced customer service like this and it needs to be shared as a ‘How To Do It’ lesson for other companies.

Hats off to you Western Digital. We hear a lot when company customer service fails - but this week you knocked the customer service ball out of the park and it’s still going skyward!

Thank You. Max Christoffersen (New Zealand)

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We appreciate your feedback.

We are glad our support department was able to provide an appropriate solution to your issue.


Hi i also live in NZ and i have an issue with my hub, i am about to call up the help line, i hope they are as good with me as they were with you !

I’ve had nothing but good experiences with WD customer service as well.