Has Western come up with a fix for Windows 10? For Passport

So we have 2 companies blaming each other. Has western come up with a solution to be able to see My Passport on Windows !0?

My WD Passport Studio is working fine on Windows 10.

Perhaps it would be best to share the details of the issue you are experiencing, and if you have been able to confirm if the issue relates to compatibility (By testing if your unit works in a different operating system) rather than an incidental hardware failure.

Works fine in anything but a system running Windows 10. Works on a Mac as well. Shows up in printers and devices but cannot access it.

Unless the hard drive is formatted as FAT32 or exFAT, Windows (In general) will not grant you access to a hard drive that has been formatted in a Mac OS system.

I’d recommend verifying if the hard drive is displayed within Windows Disk Management. Devices and Printers and the Device Manager will not provide information related to volumes.

I could access the drive prior to Windows 10 upgrade. This is all over the place on different forums and all I can see is Windows blames Western and Western blames Windows.

Has nothing to do with Format. Yes I can see it in device and printers.