Has WD TV Live steaming device wiped my Seagate external hard drive?

I have just connected my WD TV Live Streaming device to the TV and connected a Seagate external Hard Drive. It took for ever to load on and I tried to stop the device using the remote, and tried to eject the HD,but to no avail. I had to turn it off. When I put the HD back on the computer, it is not connecting and although the blue light on the HD is flashing, the computer does not recognise it being there. It isn’t showing on Devices and Printers either.
Has the WD TV wiped my data and wrecked the HD? Is there anything I can do to retrieve all the data on the HD.


It is possible the partition got corrupted. You may try to recover your files using a data recovery software.

Thanks for replying. I took it the local tech guy, it seems it is corrupted. Not sure if it is worth recovering the data- hence the cost to do so.

try a free data recovery tool