Has WD reduced the number of Shares with last Firmware Update SMP

This seems funny. The limit was/is 20 shares. I had problems with a Folder not displaying the correct image, so after rescanning, I tried to disconnect and reconnect the drive. I has 20 folders connected, after disconnection had 19 and when I tried to reconnect I got the famous “You have reached you limit of network connects” at 19 connections ??.

So I did a factory reset to defaults, rebooted, setup, loaded theme and started re mapping folders. Got to 10 folders this time and reached the famous “You have reached you limit of network connects”, now at 10 connections ??.

No matter what I do I cannot go over 10. I can delete 1 and add a different network share. 

I recently has the same issue on a mates system and it was limited to 10 also (new firmware). Going to downgrade the firware to see if that is the issue…

Anyone comment… WD Moderatos help ??

Cheers LB

Hi, the number of shares that you can map seem to be less after the firmware update. Lest us know if you still have the same problem after downgrading the firmware.

Rolled back Firmware to 1.08.17 and all is good.

So it appears that :

Firmware 1.08.17 supports 20 Network Shares

Firmware 1.09.10 supports 10 Network Shares.

Cheers LB

Thank you for your effort.

Sounds like WDC has taken hints from Sony’s playbook, Chapter “Removal of Features after Release”…