Has Timemachine backed up my photos?

I backed up my mac to WD MyCloud using Timemachine. I also saved all my photos to folders under my own personal folder. I then installed WD Photo on my iphone to view all my photos and can see them all in the folder with my name but the folder “Timemachine backup” says 0 photos. So my question is has timemachine backed up the photos? When I look at what is backed up it’s called something like imac sparsebundle and is around 70gb.

“Time Machine” creates an entire snapshot of your system in the form of the Sparsebundle, and does not differentiate between pictures, music, documents, or videos until Time Machine needs to restore that system image.

WD Photos on the other hand works with pictures directly stored into the Shared Pictures folder.


Thanks , that clears that up. Btw - do you know a working phone number fo the UK helpline? The one on the website doesn’t work