Has the WDTV Live ever supported this codec?

I have about 65GBs of MST3k episodes I converted years ago from VHS tapes and TV dubs. They were encoded with S-MPEG4v2 (Microsoft).

Every video program I’ve ever used on Mac, Linux and Windows supports it including my Xbox 360 (obviously) but not a single episode will play on my WDTV Live.

Unless I’m mistaken, I swear one time long ago, I remember firing up my WDTV live (or maybe the non-Live version) and having a episode play.

Was this codec supported then removed at some point? I’d be willing to downgrade just to get this support as I really have no other choices to watch these episodes.

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How could I NOT reply to a fellow MST3Ker?  All of my episodes (which I also have on DVD) are converted to MKV, which the Live likes a whole lot.  You don’t say what container yours are in, which can also be a factor, but try this: run one of those episodes through Handbrake, using the High Profile preset (but change the output to MKV rather than MP4) and see if that will then play properly.