Has the WD Red 5TB Discontinued?

The WD Red 5TB [WD50EFRX] is no advertised on the UK/EU WD Red website, with pretty much all online retailers no longer having stock and many reporting it as discontinued. Can this be true? Has WD really discontinued that single specific model, smack-bang in the middle of the range, without any apparent notice, seemingly only for the EU market? Or is it simply some issue in product manufacture has left it temporarily unavailable? I’d very much like to know as I currently have two drives (of a planned six-drive RAID array) that are currently worthless to me with the only drives available listed at double the RRP due to the sudden scarcity.

I just checked some US retailers and they carry the unit. Each region carries a different inventory, and supply can vary depending on general demand.

No official word related to production status for the 5TB unit is publicly available at the time of this post, but you could send an E-mail to WD Support in order to obtain additional information.