Has the My Book 2 TB been discontinued?

I need a 2 TB My Book, but cannot find any here at WD and when I go to the product page none of the sellers have them for sale online.

I have to have a 2 TB that has a power source, any suggestions.
I do not want to go with any other brand, if I can avoid it.

I don’t know what you mean by this reply.
I specified that I did go to the website in the very first sentence.
Please read my post again to understand the specifics of my issue.
Thanks for answering though…Valerie

You’re right, I didn’t notice that you need specifically a 2TB – which is rather small in today’s markets.
There’s plenty of 3TB and larger for sale, though…

I’m using it for my Hopper from Dish Network and they will only allow up to 2 TB.
I have a 2 TB connected right now but it’s full and there are 2 more USB ports available, so I wanted to connect another one and I can’t find them anywhere.

Is there anyone else that maybe works at WD that knows the answer.