Has anyone successfully used My Cloud with iPhoto?

Hi there-

Looking for a way to store our iPhoto library remotely. My wife’s a food blogger so takes 1000s of pictures a week and our SSD fills up too fast. Plan is to just keep 1 months photos on the local drive and then transfer everything else to our network drive for storage and access as needed. I’ve seen lots of threads about slow transfer time, but still trying to understand if anyone has successfully done this given the My Cloud is not HFS+ Journaled formatted. 


WD released new firmware last week that was supposed to help with slow iPhoto transfers.

However, you need to go read the Apple communities about the issues people have when moving iPhoto libraries to NAS devices.

Apple doesn’t support that at all, even if WD might.

Disclaimer:  I’m not a Mac user, so I’m not speaking from personal experience… just relating what I’ve read.

Good to know on the transfer issue.

I’ve been reading a lot about iPhoto with NAS. Seems to not be a good combination. Anyone have success using a different photo manage on Mac using My Cloud?


Hello, I use Bittorrent Sync.  Basically, when I take a couple of photos, I just open the app and it will automatically transfer them securely to either my laptop or my WD My Cloud either over 3G/4G or Wifi (but you can select wifi only).

Im like your wife, Im constantly taking photos so I needed a way that all my photos would be saved remotely so I could then delete my camera roll, but ensure that the photos arent removed from my NAS, and I didnt want to have to manually save them.

If youre interested, have a little google about bittorrent sync, and if you like it this is how you install it on you WD 


How user friendly is BitTorrent sync? I’m not around during the week to help so want to make sure this solution is very user friendly for my wife.


Once you’ve set it up, its just a one time thing.  You open the IOS app, theres a camera with ‘backup’ on it, you just enabled that and youll be given a long string of letters.  On your computer you’d goto something like and on there select the destination folder for the photos within your WD my Cloud (where you want them to goto) and then paste in that long string of letters and press ok.  Thats it for the technical side.

Then whenever your wife takes a couple of photos she can just open the app on her phone, wait till it says ‘completed’ and then you can close the app.  Apprently it will automatically do this whenever you take a photo, but I haven’t noticed if it has or not, so I always just open the app. 

She takes the photos on a digital camera and then imports them to iPhoto. How would that work with sync?


Ah I thought you was talking about backing up an iOS library of an iphone or ipad.  Im not sure about that, you can sync two folders automatically without doing anything other than saving the file from iphoto in a specific folder.  The only problem with BTsync is that if you delete the file off your Mac/PC, it will remove it from your WD as well.  It basically mirrors your files between two sources.  The only exception is the Iphone for the camera roll that I mentioned.

Perhaps BTsync wouldn’t be an ideal solution for this task. 


Sorry, I can’t figure out how to do one way syncs with BT Sync.  Thought I had.  

Hope someone else is able to chip in!