Has anyone streamed from Blockbuster's On Demand

Still looking for a solution … absolutely no help from the Blockbuster tech desk.

If you streamed … how did you do it???

(From the U.S. / using a WD TV Live Plus)

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I’ve tried but can’t.  Got an error message to the effect that the Blockbuster server couldn’t “find a path.”  Looking at the Blockbuster website, it appears that Blockbuster has made decisions about whether to download or stream based on the device you register.  I also note that here: http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=320  Western Digital clearly claims that one can  stream from Blockbuster using the WDTVLIVEPLUS.

I CAN stream the movie trailers. 

I don’t want to (purchase) and connect an external drive if I don’t need to.  Basically, I just want both companies to live up to their advertising.

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According to Blockbuster as of this PM, if you use the Download Manager (Blockbuster) and download a file to an external drive, “progressive download” is operational.  Progressive download theoretically allows you to begin watching the movie once enough has been cached.  I may test this in a few days with an extra HP media drive I have. 

Observation: Blockbuster’s tech operation, as evidenced in their chat and on a very chaotic web site, is hurting.

I’m with you … live up to their advertising, they should.

When I ‘instant watch’ on Netflix … i hit PLAY and off it goes.   When I spoke to the tech desk, I suggested when renting, 2 options should appear PLAY and DOWNLOAD.  I’m sure they were moved by my suggestion.

Thanks for your input … please post if you have success!

Happy New Year.

I’ve just placed a WD Passport Essentials on order at Amazon and will be testing Blockbuster Progressive Download with it as soon as it arrives.  My goal is to use it over my wireless network, which everyone tells me is a waste of time.  But I can’t run any cabling in my house because everything is finished inside.  I’ve installed a new wireless N adapter by Cisco, and the HWREN N repeater, so I have about the best/fastest/widest bandwidth you can get with home networking gear.  Now we’ll see if it is capable of using progressive download without a) causing you to wait a long time to get the movie going and b) interrupting during playback to refresh the cache.

Results in a few days.