Has anyone solved the yellow light problem?

Hi all,

While trying to change the ip address on the device, I got error messages on the dashboard, then tried to reboot the device, it became irresponsive. When i checked the unit, the yellow light was blinking (i know this normally indicates presence of the cable/ethernet). I tried to do a hard reset (turn off and on the device while holding te reset button), still left with the yellow flashing light. This is not a cable problem, I replaced it.

Is there a way to fix this, or returning the unit is the only solution?



I did…


Thanks for this. I looked into what you did; this is way beyond my skill level.


I soft bricked mine exactly like you, a mess in static ip assignement and suffered  the bug of no reset to defaut settings  with reset.

The dificult part is to open the box, the rest is easy.