Has anyone else tried this with their "lost network settings"?

A few times I’ve reported the hub loses network settings on me randomly. I am on Wireless and Windows XP. It’s a pain to set back up sometimes.

So, the last time it happened, I left it that way. F- it… I don’t really need to browse YouTube right now from my television and I don’t need to copy over any files to the Hub.

What annoyed me though is that every time starting Windows I got the message that Windows couldn’t connect to that mapped drive. So, finally I removed it from My Computer… I then went to the Hub and re-setup the network settings again.

Since removing it from My Computer, I had not lost my network settings at all! The Hub seemed to work perfectly! Maybe I just got lucky that I didn’t randomly lose settings during that 2 - 3 weeks time… but maybe not having my drive mapped points to some sort of resolution to the problem?

If you map it again you can be sure if that is the problem. 

Perhaps you could try to assign a permanent ip to the hub(manually).