Harmony Touch remote?

I just ordered a Harmony Touch remote and was wondering if anyone here has experience using it with the Live SMP? I’m curious how much custom mapping is required. Also, if it is easy to set the power-off command to send for 2 seconds to induce a full power-down rather than standby.

I didn’t buy a Harmony for just the reasons you detail.  How to fully power down?  How good is the simulation?

I, too, would be very interested   :smiley:

I have an older Harmony One, which presumably uses the same WDTV Live instruction set as the Touch.  I can confirm that pressing the soft Power button for the device for 2 seconds does a full shut down.

Other commands function well, but are slightly limited.  You can do things like pick Options, Setup, Subtitles and as per my recent Guide, you can set up a sequence for FF and Rewind.