Harmony Remote

Aloha from Hawaii.

I have just purchased the WD-TV Live and love it! The one problem I have is getting it to work with my Harmony remote. I have spent the last 9 hours (driving mr crazy) trying to program the Harmony. I have done everything apart from putting them both in my Microwave and toasting them!!!

I have done everything and each time the Harmony tells me that its got the rf codes (wathever they are called) and that it will work.

After unhooking from my computer i try it with my sony HD TV…Everything starts up excepting the WD-TV…Nothing! Nada! it will not even start up…After 9 hours i’m kind of giving up.

Is there a hot line for the Harmony, some kind of tech support ? I have had the Harmony for a cople of yrs and it gas always been easy to program with my added devises except this time. The WD TV has me stumped. Any help,Please.

Thanks in advance, Piko

Why not just use the WDTV Profile instead of programming all the IR codes?

I recommend using the WDTV Live Hub profile- it has more of the new buttons for this new “Streaming” model.

i rang the harmony helpline ,they could not have been more helpful and i have all the functions of the wd remote on my harmony one working beautifully …all in a short period of time


I agree…   Harmony’s tech support is among the best I’ve ever dealt with…  IF, and it’s a VERY STRONG IF:

You tell them EXACTLY what you need them to do.   If you leave them any room for interpretation, you might get the wrong results.   :slight_smile:

Maybe I am doing something wrong?

The profile that i am using is under computers and is called wd-tv hd ?

Sorry it is called a Media center PC