Harmony 890 w/ wireless extender, Belkin Basic wireless USB adapter on front USB port

The OK/ key on the WD TV Live Hub remote does not activate on my Logitech Harmony 890.  All other keys programmed on the Logitech Harmony 890 work fine.  The hub is inside a wood cabinet, hence using the Logitech wireless extender.  All keys work fine except the OK/.  All other devices, DVD player, Onkyo receiver, comcast box, work on the 890 with wireless extenders and are in the same cabinet area - but separated somewhat.  The TV is 46in Sharp Aquos.

A Belkin Basic wireless USB adapter is attached to the USB port on the front of the hub.  It won’t insert into the USB connector on the back of the hub because the HDMI port is too close.  (I don’t want to use the back USB anyway).  It is to the back of the cabinet and the router would not be able to see it as easily.

I read something about a black piece of tape over the IR thing on the front of the hub?

Could it be the Belkin adapter is in the way - the RF extender is attached right there too.  So the belkin adapter, IR port of the hub and Logitech wireless extender receiver are all close.  Is this the problem?  Other keys on the Harmony work fine on the hub, only the OK/ key does not activate.

Thanks - do not see a definitive answer for this.  Most recent firmware updated on hub as of 1/28/11,

My 890 works just fine, but I had to go into the settings from the Logitech software on my computer and keep testing buttons till I got it to work. I do have my emitters stuck to the front of my equipment but I think it’s on computer where you need to make sure that button is set right. I remember mine not working at first also but I just kept trying things with the software.

Thanks Droidbrotha - I’m still not sure what to do though. The PC software acknowledges the Ok button while ‘learning’ but ok key is not assigned to ok key on the harmony 890 remote. All other keys are fine on the 890. Why not the ok key? The ok key works if I use the WD hub remote. Appreciate any more help. Thanks