Harmful Download from download.wdc.com

I was attempting to download a file (http://download.wdc.com/mybook/wdab_4.50.6554.zip). Chrome proceeded to warn me about harmful files being detected from download.wdc.com. Below is a SS of the warning.

After proceeding to download the file anyhow, chrome blocked the file requiring me to “recover” it explicitly from within chrome.

Has anyone else had any issues with files downloaded or specifically the Anywhere Backup listed above?

Hi chris_neal

many thanks for bringing up this issue with WD Anywhere Backup download.
I tried it right now with Firefox and got the similar warning message.
The download seems to be OK, installation also successfully finished with no alerts from Virus scanner tools.

Edit: tried to download the file within Windows IE with no warning showing up. After downloaded the file, Firefox did not show the warning again.

We’re currently looking into this to see what’s causing the error message.

This should be resolved now.