Hardwired Network Connection Suddenly Not Working

I’ve had my Live Hub plugged directly into our router for the last few weeks without issue. Always able to download the latest firmware updates and the metadata and film images have always loaded no problem. But it’s suddenly, seemingly out of no where, stopped working.

It doesn’t seem that I’ve lost all connection entirely. When I request content info on a file, instead of telling me a network connection is required to do that (which is what would happen if it was detatched from the router altogether), it seems to search for metadata before telling me no match was found. And instead of the film screenshots filling the background when I select a movie, the background just goes black (when the ethernet cable is unplugged and there’s no connection entirely, the background won’t go black - rather, my regalar background will remain as I’m browsing films).

So all this is very fishy to me. There must be some sort of communication between the router and the Hub, but the connection is being hampered somehow. I’m kind of a noob when it comes to network issues, so any idea where I should start? Thanks!

Can you watch youtube or browse flickr?

No, I can’t. “No network connection is detected”.

You could try rebooting the router or resetting the hub (1 second press and then release of the button on the underside with a cocktail stick / paperclip  with the unit on fully booted - the hub should reboot)

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Hub reboot did the trick. Thanks a lot!