Hardwired LAN slow on Mac OsX 10.10.1 - not usable

Immediately upon upgrading to 10.10.1 I noticed my Hardwired LAN (cat5e) performance took a huge performance hit, so much it’s not usable.

I’ve not seen reports of this, and under 10.10 base I had no problems with LAN speed.

I have multiple Aperture Libraries, these are “big” in size 30GB to close to 300GB.

I have a 6TB NAS (WD MyCloud EX2) and a 2TB via USB on the Airport Extreme.  Both used to work no problem but now so slow

What took 3-4 hours to copy a 250GB file is now days…not acceptable, I even started the copy overnight and next morning still chugging away, pictures show what I mean

When I take that exact same 2TB drive, un-plug it from the Airport Extreme and directly plug it to the iMac it transfers files as expected, 3-4 hours for 250GB file.
snapshots shows the transfer speed progression from initial start to a few minute after

Hi and welcome to the Community. Have you tried to powercycle your EX2? If the problem continues I recommend you to contact tech support directly for assistance. 



I was on the phone with customer support just now for about 25 mintues.

We did the following:

a) confirmed I am on the latest firmware - 1.05.21

b) did a reset in the back with a paper clip; tried copying files took as long

c) did a System restore under settings>utilities>system restore; tried copying files took as long

We then tried a few things:

a) 50MB single file , almost immediately copy

b) a iDVD file 5GB in size, this took approx 2 minutes

c) a Aperture file 5GB in size, this has 789 photos and video clips inside it…the copy process started then got “stuck” around 24.7MB, the time went to 2 hours to copy, then 3 hours to copy, while not going past 24.7MB, then 4 hours to copy…we stopped it after it went to 6 hours to copy at 25 MB of 5.19 GB

d) tried my iTunes library, which is 72.51GB with 10,584 items (in iTunes it shows 5, 318 songs 30.25GB + a few podcasts and 5 home made DVD’s done in iDVD, 99.5% is songs + artwork of course).  It started the copy process almost immediately at 8 hours 70MB of 72.5GB for 10, 233 items, I could see the items count going down at the copy progessed.  It then settled on about 9 hours when I stopped it at  copying 9, 510 items (351 MB of 72.5GB)

So, it’s not strictly the file size but seems the accounting of so many individual files during the copy/move process…at least that’s my guess.

He was going to Level 2 suppport and get back with me later.

I’ll keep updating here for fact based data.

As more data points I took a single 2.1GB file (a iDVD file) and both uploaded it to the EX2 NAS and downloaded it from the EX2 NAS

Some image to share:

Upload from iMac to EX2 NAS

Download from EX2 NAS to iMac is quite fast

Device activity screen for that single 2.1GB upload/download file

Later I will duplicate the 5GB Aperture file to see the network performance graph for that, though I will probably have to cancel it because once it goes to hours gfor a 5GB file that kills using the iMac for other purposes