Hardly a problem with the My Book Essential 2 TB

When connected via USB 3.0 was awarded a fact. If you turn the computer off without shutting down the drive button, the drive after the computer hums, but not defined, respectively, and the button does not work, even when the program WD Smart. I mean when you turn off your computer hard drive could not be disabled without shutting down the power button. Only helps the distortion of power. Update the firmware, at the service center said that it should be that before shutting down the computer (if the drive is connected via USB 3.0) should be shut off disk drive button. But it should not be. It should be shut down without buttons and without the WD Smart-as when the computer shuts down and when you turn determined anew. After 2.0 no such problems. Can anyone faced with similar?

Model: WDBJRH0020HBK-U1

Sometimes Google translate doesn’t work as it should. :stuck_out_tongue:

So the my book is not going into sleep mode when you use a USB 3.0 connection and turn off your computer? :neutral_face:

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will not be in sleep mode and turned off my book. Not yet solved the problem