Harddrive keeps spinning after power off

My Hub was having problems having files sent to it over my network so i did some reading and i came up with it that the hdd was shot and apparently i had to swap like for like (WD Scorpio blue 1TB). after i fitted the drive and booted the drive was formatted successfully but when i turned the Hub off the hardrive just kept on spinning until i pulled the power cable out… Any ideas people. Cheers Guys…

Just in the case you don’t know, if you long press the RED button on the remote (More than 5 secs) it will completely power the Hub off and there is no need to remove the power cord. If you press briefly on the RED button on the remote (Less Than 5 secs) it places the Hub in STANDBY so the hard drive can still be available on your network.



Thanks for the quick reply. i tried your sugestion but the drive keeps spinning. any other thoughts people…??

Sorry, tried your suggestion again and the drive stopped spinning. it just takes a while to spin up after shut down. Thanks Again. Is there a different solution because i never had to do this before i changed drives… Cheers again people…

It’s pretty simple…if you THINK you have it powered off…look at your network from a PC and IF you see the Hub see if you can access it. If you can then you didn’t power it all the way off and it’s in standby. Even the fan in it should turn off on a power down.


Also if it is powered down, it takes it longer to boot up than it does if it’s in standby.