Harddrive from 2005 took a really bad fall it works but now it's empty

i don’t know if this harddrive was originally empty but i tried connecting it to my old pc and the pc refused to boot due to no operating system detected despite booting from a usb, i tried connecting it to my newer pc and it works i even tried moving a folder in it it works fine, but theres nothing in it and i don’t remember it being empty, smart scans all pass apart from one error (triangle) from one program ultra dma crc error, i am using western digital programs now to diagnose it and so far no error nothing the quick scan showed no error so i am doing an extended test of errors, is the drive damaged or was it empty to begin with theres no clicking it sounds fine from what i can hear

the fall was unfortunately really bad it was 4 harddrives that fell from a hatrack so pretty much from celiling level, all harddrives survived and work fine apart from this one from 2005 140 gb that is empty i am shocked that they all survived, theres only one drive left that i am not sure on as i can’t connect it due to it being ide but still incredible that they survived that.

i used wd diagnostic software and everything passes but raw read error rate which is threshold 51 value 200 and now shows as failed

edit:i used recuva and it found over 100 000 deleted files does that mean the drive is safe as it wouldn’t find anything if it was physically damaged? i am recovering the files but it appears it was just an old c drive i used so all the files recovering are just windows files steam files program files etc and since most smart scans shows it with no error and some shows it with error i assume it’s safe

Its damaged, replace it.

The (CRC) Cyclic Redundancy Check is basically a data verification method that detects accidental changes to raw data residing in the storage media. The CRC error occurs due to hard drive corruption, misconfigured files, registry file corruption, cluttered disk, unsuccessful program installation, or when there’s a bad spot on the storage media. CRC error is also a serious issue that must be resolved as soon as possible to avoid a system failure and data loss.

Here are few methods to fix the Cyclic Redundancy Check error:

  1. Run CHKDSK Utility Scan
  2. Run SFC Scan
  3. Use a data recovery tool

Further, I suggest you to check the below link for more detailed process to fix the error issue: How to Fix Cyclic Redundancy Check Data Error

Hope it will help!