Harddisk Partition table destroyed


I have a WD Caviar Green 500gb hd, my os is windows 7 64 bit. I have a 450watt SMPS and a microatx/ atx (NOT SURE) motherboard Gigabyte G41m-es2l. I work on my pc for continuous 6-7 hrs at a time. My usual activities are playing pc games, and doing office work. Two days ago while restarting my computer after a normal shutdown my computer started showing message " NO BOOT DISK FOUND REPLACE YOUR CURRENT DISK" (something like this). On checking my bios I found my HD was being detected normally by the bios.

On inserting the win7 disk for formatting I found that my HD partition table was destroyed and it showed 460gb raw  … I created a new table , installed a fresh OS. Till now it is working fine.

My question is… What is the cause of this problem ???

  1. Power supply

  2. Virus

or something else

Pls give me the right advice so i may be able to prevent the same problem from occurring again.

Hi there!!

ANYTHING can cause it!!! If I were you I’d run a test with HDD Tune just to make sure if the drive itself is the one at fault.